Buy Organic Food Online – An Easy Way to Stay Healthy

21These days, organically produced foods are in demand and people are steering towards organic consumption for better food choices and healthy living. There are variety of reasons to consume organic foods items, including the lack of pesticides and other toxins that are typically found in conventionally produced foods. These options are better from a fitness point of view and also much better for our nature from an environmental viewpoint. The only question that can sometimes arise while shopping organic food is quality and authenticity of the products. There is a simple answer to the question, and that is to buy organic food online. Instead of wandering at local markets searching for healthy food products, it’s better and safer to do online food shopping. The online organic food stores usually come with certified products which assures genuineness of the products, plus for the people who live in rural areas or small towns often experience the trouble of availability of organic food items in market, the best and easiest option for them is to buy organic food online from a certified web store. It’s always considered a wise decision to go with a distinguished web store like www.coombsfamilyfarms.com.


The Advantages of Organic Foods: Fact Or Fiction?


Before we dive in, let’s define what is meant by organic foods. Prior to 1940, all foods were organic. Today, most store-bought food is non-organic.

So what’s the difference between food that is organic and food that is non-organic?

Organic foods are grown the old-fashioned way. Instead of using chemical fertilizers to promote growth, natural fertilizers are used to feed the soil and the plants. Instead of using synthetic insecticides to reduce pests and disease, organic farmers use natural pesticides. Instead of using synthetic herbicides to get rid of weeds, organic farmers combat weed growth by using plant-killing compounds generated from the environment, along with crop-rotation, tilling, and mulch. Organic foods do not contain food additives, processing aids, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, added coloring and flavors, or mono sodium glutamate. Although the USDA admits that organic produce carries significantly less pesticide residues, they would have us believe that those pesticide residues are too insignificant for us to be concerned. Don’t worry, be happy.

Organic Farming Benefits The Environment According to environmentalists, a major advantage of organic foods is, organic farming benefits the environment. It reduces pollution, conserves water, and preserves the quality of the soil. Organic Food Tastes Better, perhaps the biggest advantage of organic foods is in the taste.Most people who choose organic foods over conventional foods claim organic foods simply taste better.

The Health Benefits Of Eating Organic Foods, so what are the health benefits of eating organic foods? Simply put, organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals, resulting in better health. To disguise this deficiency, conventional foods add synthetic vitamins and minerals. Organic foods have more nutrients and less nitrates. A University of Missouri study showed that organically grown oranges deliver 30% more vitamin C than conventional oranges. One serving of organic carrots, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, and potatoes provide the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, according to certified nutritionist Virginia Worthington. This is not true with vegetables grown with conventional farming methods. Organically grown food contains about 27% more vitamin C than conventional food, as well as 21% more iron, 29% more magnesium, 13% more phosphorus, and 18% more polyphenols. Polyphenols have a wide range of health benefits, such as protection against allergies, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, etc.

So, conclusion is “Better health, better taste, and a better enviroment”.


Healthy Organic Food – The Best Alternative for Healthy LIving

22Ages ago, people lived cordially with natural world, which provided plentiful provisions for them. Having no other purpose except survival, they had no thought of maneuvering an organism or enhancing the natural food into more flavorsome and appetizing recipes. They learned how to get their foodstuff by hunting and then afterward through farming. When people traversed the edge towards development and civilization, mass production became an essential need of every nationalized financial system. Research and development heeded on producing high-yielding varieties and the unnatural technique of farming.

The farming alternative that humans adapted ages ago is now showing its results. Although, these results are still implied to majority of the people, yet many people have already decided to go back to organic farming and natural food consumption. To uphold the attention of the consumers towards healthy organic food, authorities have been set up in many countries to set some regulations on farming and marketing of organic food items. Thus, the contemporary scenario holds high echelons for healthy organic food with more and more people steering towards healthy living with organic consumption. Many online organic food stores came into existence and brought great awareness as well as demand for healthy organic food. Consumers can simply connect to the web and buy organic food online, right at the comfort of their home. The availability of information over the net makes it also possible for consumers to check the authenticity of products claiming to be organic food. Organic certification authority has a list of organic food certified products, suppliers and manufacturers. Organic food items are generally more costly than ordinary food. One of the proclaimed reasons is that government subsidizes conventional farming whereas natural food producers have yet to be given support from administration. In view of the fact that production of organic crops requires application of natural fertilizers and forbids harmful chemicals, for which the labor cost is higher. This means controlling the weeds and pests manually instead of simply spraying. The yield is also comparatively low which makes organic food items more expensive. However, if computed, it would always turn out to be extra costly for consumers of inorganic foodstuff because part of the people’s taxes goes to undeveloped subsidies and consumers pay more for their physical condition when they get sick. Organic food consumers are feeding the body with clean elements; therefore, they also have a healthier and strong body.